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£ 9.32

Pure air lime blended with our chosen and graded aggregates.

Best suited for bedding of solid construction materials, especially suitable for brick and stone.

Natural colour, a soft cream but blended with aggregates to create bespoke colours.

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£ 9.32

Pure Air Lime.

A multipurpose Plaster & Render Base Coat. 

Best suited for external render and as internal base coat.

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£ 9.99

Pure air lime.

An excellent top coat plaster. Suitable for all fine finishes on all normal substrates. Chose for speed of set and ease of application.

NB. In perfect circumstances and on ideal sub-strates the application of our pure air lime skim can be completed within hours, enabling the work to be finished during the same day of application.

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£ 12.50

Pure air lime blended with our graded aggregates.

An excellent fine render top coat, suited to fine external rendering, combed and sponge/floated finishes. A natural soft yellow. Chose for speed of set & finish. 

If a Lime Wash is going to be applied we recommended it is applied the same day. Any subsequent coats to be applied the following days.

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£ 5.99

Pure air lime with no admixture.

An enhanced quick set casting mix suitable for the fine casting of sculpture and embellishments.

Also supplied as a pre-blended mix with aggregate for heavier external works.

Alternative set speeds also available - Please discuss your requirements with us. 

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£ 12.50

Pure air lime  blended with our chosen and graded aggregates

Traditional finished rough render top coat. Natural colour - soft cream.

If a Lime Wash is going to be applied it is strongly recommended it is applied the same day.  Any subsequent coats of Lime Wash to be applied the following days.

Chose for speed of set, texture and performance.

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£ 12.60

Pre-formed sawn larch lath panels. Sold individually.

The panels are designed for ease of use and are ideal for internal use. Please contact us for large quantity orders.

Measurements  75cm x 50

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