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Vivus Solutions

Harry Cursham launched the initial products in 2016. As an expert in historic building conservation and born from his 30 years of historic research, observation, experimentation, practical use and thorough testing, he feels sure that the Vivus Solution delivers the highest quality of finish, effective insulation, improved humidity control and without any negative impact on associated parameters.

The Vivus Solution started as an idea of possibility that grew from experiential evidence into a realisation. The Vivus set phenomenon was discovered in a designed experiment, one Sunday afternoon in January 2013 following some experimental work carried out in Scotland on some zero concrete foundations the previous summer. This proved successful, interesting and showed that this new process was definitely worth further exploration. The Vivus set is the result of Harry’s continued attempts to discover why and how this material could provide the one solution for the building envelope retrofit, as this must have been what used was historically.

Harry has acted as a historic buildings consultant all over the country. Please contact us if you would like to discuss our consultancy service.

Some of the places the Vivus Solutions materials are currently being used; Cattistock, West Dorset, Hooke, West Dorset, the Tarn, South East France, Stroud, Gloucestershire. 

New Era for Vivus

In 2014, Vivus Solutions were one of 3 organisations that successfully secured contract funding through the Small Business Research Initiative competition, which was run by The City of Cardiff Council and funded by The Welsh Government with support from Innovate UK. A panel of experts including officers from Cardiff Council, Welsh Government and Innovate UK along with members of CADW (the Welsh Government’s historic environment service) and the Low Carbon Research Institute were responsible for selecting the 3 winning R&D Demonstrator projects. The competition brief was to develop innovative measures that will improve the energy performance and reduce consumption within traditional & historic buildings. The other very important factor was that the materials/products had to be fully compatible and appropriate to the particular characteristics of historic and/or traditional buildings. Vivus Solutions fitted the bill perfectly -  all our materials are pure air lime, contain no admixture, have insulating qualities and create a humidity buffered environment, ultimately promoting breathability - exactly the right combination of innovation and tradition that pre 1919 properties require.
Demonstration property for these materials was a traditionally constructed historic building from the Council’s own property estate. The cottage was suffering from chronic damp, black mould and needed considerable attention. Work to demonstrate the viability of the material started in March of 2015 and has proved to be highly successful. Continued data analysis of this project shows the humidity dropped dramatically with in the building which is now warm and dry since the Vivus Solution had been installed. (Copies of the full report available from the Vivus Solutions office)
Vivus Solutions is based in West Dorset where the materials are manufactured in strict secrecy, to order.


It's a plasterer's dream

Liam - Gypsum Plasterer, West Dorset

I've just finished and am now sweeping the floor, its so beautiful ..... wow wow wow! Thanks for all your help and wisdom.

"Mr J. somewhere in France" - on using the Vivus basecoat and plaster skims on 300sqm of a previously derelict attic space in a medieval property.

Really most impressed.

"Sally Stratchey, Director Stratchey Conservation, Somerset"

Damn..... (having just pumped sprayed a house) I guess I am going to have to sell all my putty now!

"A. Vernon, Director, LimeIVlife Ltd, Gloucestershire"